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The Body Garage, LLC's last day of business was on February 11, 2016.

As of February 12, 2016, Pilates Works, LLC is operating in the former home of The Body Garage, at 2112 Mistletoe Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76110.

The new phone number for Pilates Works is 817–386–7832. The general e-mail for Pilates Works is The new website is

Pilates Works is a new business solely owned by Kerry Kreiman. Certified Pilates instructors Andrea Carroll and Sarah Newton are instructors for Pilates Works.


A special thanks to all of you who have been such wonderful clients over the last 9 years of The Body Garage. We are very grateful for your participation in our Pilates community! 

The Pilates Works studio's offerings have broadened to be more comprehensive, with an official tagline of "Practical Pilates & Functional Fitness."

Now offering classes on the Balanced Body CoreAligns  and MOTRs, in addition to traditional Pilates equipment, one of Kerry's long-term goals is to continue to expand the studio's offerings to include other types of training related to functional fitness programs designed for clients over the age of 50.

Since we've been continuously operating while transitioning between the old business and the new business, we would like to extend our since thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding during this process, which has had its hiccups along the way.

GOOD NEWS?!?!  If you were previously a client of The Body Garage, you are not eligible for "new client specials" at Pilates Works.  Instead, you are eligible for even BETTER specials which were designed to exclusively thank the many beautiful folks who have brought their beautiful feet into our studio for so many years!   These Thank You specials are one-time offers in the different categories of classes, with a hard expiration date of December 21, 2016 by which you must use up the Thank You packages purchased.  If you did not already receive information about the Thank You packages, contact Kerry at 817-386-7832 or

Why wait?  Sign up for many of Pilates Works classes online at your convenience. When you go to the new website for Pilates Works, you'll see you can reserve spots in many classes via Tula software. Once you've registered through the web version, if you have an iPhone you can download an app designed to serve just the folks at our studio, without giving over your e-mail or contact information to any other companies. Tula is working hard to help individual studios protect the information and identity of clients. In fact, they don't want your physical mailing address, and they don't give access to any other Tula-affiliated studios or third party entities. Tula will be helping us to better serve you, and we are grateful to them! Please be patient with us as we continue to learn how to use their system so we can better meet your needs. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding, and please contact us if you are having any difficulty using the system!

Get to the studio's calendar here: Studio Calendar

If you have a balance on your client account with The Body Garage which is not yet expired and you have not received a reimbursement check yet, please contact Kerry Kreiman to coordinate. 

NOTE:  All clients choosing to take classes at the location of Pilates Works, LLC, will need to fill out a new set of registration and liability forms for the new business. Thanks in advance for your assistance and patience with this process!